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CAD-Based Cabinet Design Software

AutoCabinets Commercial Cabinet Software
RouterCAD gives you the best combination of traditional CAD power (e.g AutoCAD), combined with the ease-of-use and cabinetry-specific tools found in traditional cabinet design programs. Includes: AutoCabinets, MillworkCAD, and RouterCAM. Features:
  • CAD Based Drawing Engine
  • Cabinet Libraries
  • Cross Sections
  • Assembly Sheets
  • Material Optimizer
  • Custom Report Center
  • Cabinet and Part Labels
  • Submittals & Title Blocks
  • G-Code Export for CNC (no extra CAM software needed)

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The top 4 reasons custom cabinet makers purchase Cabinet Solutions:

  1. Sell More Jobs!
  2. Quickly create and revise your projects with dimensioned 3D & 2D drawings.
  3. Accurately estimate job costs based on your data.
  4. Generate manufacturing reports such as cut lists, door lists, and panel optimizations, based on your construction methodology.
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