CNC Cabinet Software

Cabinet Solutions CNC is an easy-to-use software package for custom cabinet makers with CNC routers. It works for both Face Frame and Frameless cabinetry.

Cabinet Solutions CNC is an easy-to-use screen-to-machine CNC software package for custom cabinet makers that works with almost any modern CNC router.

Keeping with the tradition of user-friendliness, now cabinets drawn in Cabinet Solutions can be exported to our CNC Exporter where you can set up dadoes, and hole patterns with just a few clicks of the mouse.

From there you can export code to your machine for a complete nested CNC cabinet software package!

Cabinet Solutions CNC Exporter Details


Using the Exporter you can set up the same bit to go through different material types with varying thicknesses with ease. Change the Feed Rate and the spindle speed per material and you’ll cut down on how fast a bit can carve through the material, saving you bit wear/tear, and eliminating chip-out to give you a smooth cutting part.

  • Individually set tooling for material by material, or all materials using that tool
  • Set Number of passes per cut type (very useful for single bit machines)
  • Information is stored so it doesn’t have to be entered again after the first time

Real Material Thickness

The Exporter has a feature in it for adjusting the real material thickness of the materials by up to .05″ +/- to allow for swelling and contracting of the material types due to moisture in the air, time of year, etc.

  • Parts fit better when materials are measured by micrometer
  • Cuts are able to be made all of the way through when mic’d so any after cutting and sanding is not needed to get the parts out

Face Down Dados

Since your machine can only cut from one side when cutting partitions that have dados on both sides, the Exporter offers solutions as to how to handle those cuts.

  • Shorten the part that fits into the dado on the back that isn’t cut and allows pilot holes on the front side dado to screw that part in
  • Warns but doesn’t error out so you can make the cuts manually at a later time
  • Cuts a notch instead of a dado and lengthens stretchers to fit into the new notch

Stop Dados/Mortise and Tenon (Qualified Tenon) Joints

Combining 2 concepts together, any cabinet can be made handed (only able to be put together one way). First, we have the Stop Dado. This is where you specify the distance from the front and/or back of a part (bottoms, tops, fixed shelves, and spreaders/stretchers) so when the parts get edge banded, the Edge Bander can smoothly work without bouncing off of an already cut dado, causing damage to the part, or your machine. The back side stop dado is needed to create a Mortise and Tenon (Qualified Tenon) Joint. Simply specify the thickness of the tenon and the mortise will adjust accordingly.

  • Mortise and Tenon Joints make cabinets impossible to be put together backward
  • Stop dados allow for easy edge banding of parts
  • Sizes for the stop dados and mortise and tenon joints can be a custom size

Dovetail Drawers

Dovetail drawers couldn’t be easier in the Exporter. No longer needing to measure your dovetail drawers in certain increments to make sure that a dovetail gets cut off, our software can dovetail any size drawer box.

  • Dovetail ANY size drawer box using half-blind dovetail
  • Works only with the Vortex Half Blind Dovetail Tooling kit #7600
  • Bits are indexable so you replace only the blades, not the entire bit


Doweling can be set up in the Exporter to fit any butt-jointed parts. You can set up a line bore pattern for them or set up custom distances that will fit any dowel machine. If the dowel holes are longer than the part, the software ignores them so parts don’t get doweled by mistake.

  • Line bore or custom dowel hole placement
  • Holes ignored if they fall off the edge of a panel
  • Set it up once and shouldn’t have to touch it again

Drawer Slides

With the various types of drawer slides on the market today, we have several templates available from Blum, Salice, Vitus, and more. You can create your own hole pattern templates as needed or if a type you are looking for isn’t listed and you’d like one to be made, send the spec sheet over to Tech Support and we can generate one for you. Keep in mind that all of the slides we have listed are to manufacturer specifications.

  • Several types of Drawer slide Manufacturers included
  • Ability to create your own hole patterns
  • Other types can be created upon request (only need to provide the spec sheet from the manufacturer)