Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to common questions.

* A number of the videos in this FAQ were made on an older version of Cabinet Solutions and are in the process of being updated.  The new version has much better graphics, but the way you navigate to the different tools is very similar.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Newer (Including 8.x, but not the “RT” versions)
    Will not run on Mac OS, Android, Chrome OS, or anything other than Microsoft Windows.

  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • 500MB of Hard Drive Space
  • 1mb of Video Card
  • Pentium III or better Processor
  • 800MHz or Faster Processor Speed
  • 800×600 Resolution
  • For the non-CNC version, you can be up and running the same day as long as you place your order by 4 PM Pacific time, during normal business hours (M-F 8 AM-5 PM Pacific, excluding holidays).
  • Orders placed between 4 PM-5 PM Pacific time risk rolling over to the next business day.
  • Any orders placed after 5 PM Pacific will roll over to the next business day.
  • For the CNC version, we need to ship a physical USB security key. We offer different shipping options, so please call for a detailed estimated time of arrival.

Yes there is.  Check out the demo video below.

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