Cabinet Software on a Mac

How to run Cabinet Solutions on your Mac.

Can I run Windows applications on my Mac? Yes, but with some work. Since Apple’s transition to Intel processors in 2006, Windows can run on Apple hardware, which in turn enables Windows applications to run as well. There are a couple ways to do this which I’ll introduce below. Every currently shipping Mac qualifies, but some older Macs may not.

To run Windows applications, do I have to run the Windows operating system?

Yes, you do. There are two ways to run Windows on your Mac:

  1. Make Windows a Boot Option at startup. This dedicates 100% of the CPU resources to the operating system you select during startup (MacOS or Windows). You need to reboot to switch back and forth.
  2. Use virtualization software (e.g. VMWare Fusion or Parallels), which enable you run Mac OS X and Windows side by side. You can switch between them as easily as you’d switch between different applications.
    Not recommended for Macs with less than 8GB of RAM
If you have an Intel Mac (basically any Mac manufactured after 2006), we recommend taking the virtualization route (#2), and can help you with the setup process.  You won’t have to partition your hard drive and can run our design software side-by-side with your other Mac software.
Online resources to learn more about the process: Contact us if you have questions.