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The BOSS is a CNC router that provides the professional cabinet maker with a combination of excellent cutting precision together with speed. Each BOSS CNC machine comes standard with RouterCAD cabinet-making software, and top-of-the-line router software designed specifically with professional cabinet shops in mind. With BOSS hardware and RouterCAD CNC software, The BOSS will transform any cabinet maker’s shop into a true 21st-century operation.

Standard Features of The BOSS

All of the following features come standard with the new BOSS CNC Machine:

• All steel and aluminum used in producing The BOSS is manufactured in the USA
• Cutting speeds that exceed 1500 IPM
• 8-position tool holder together with a 7.5 kW Automatic Tool Change Spindle
• 8.6 horsepower Becker pump
• 4-zone vacuum bed; KDPE vacuum bed
• X-axis E Chain standard
• Auto Z-Setter
• Dual motor-driven Y-axis
• DC Brushless Servos

As for size, The BOSS weighs in at 2220 pounds. This robust CNC router has a cutting size of 60” x 96”, while its footprint is 67” W x 114” L. As previously mentioned, rapid traverse speeds meet or exceed 1500 IPM. Positioning speeds are 800 IPM for the X-axis, 800 IPM for the Y-axis, and 500 IPM for the Z-axis. Its cutting accuracy is very impressive at plus or minus 0.003”.


The BOSS Uses a Standard PC

The BOSS is delivered in one piece – fully assembled and ready to cut. All the cabinet maker needs is a standard desktop or laptop PC to run the RouterCAD software package, which is included. RouterCAD is a thorough software suite that will enable you to design complete custom cabinets or one-off parts. The software includes:

• Powerful, CAD-based drawing engine
• Cabinet libraries
• Cross-section views
• Custom reports
• Material optimizers
• Assembly sheets
• G-Code Export (no additional CAM software needed)

Our TOTAL SOLUTION package includes:

  • BOSS 5 x 12 router
  • AutoCabinets, MillworkCAD, MDF DoorCAD, Dovetail DrawerCAD, and RouterCAM software
  • 10HP HSD spindle
  • 8 position tool changer– which includes eight ISO 30 cones, lock nuts & collets (which is about $3200.00 worth of tooling that other companies do not include)
  • 20 HP regenerative pump- 220V/3 phase, an HDPE High Flow Table 
  • BOSS shroud – aluminum dust foot that connects with your existing dust collection system
  • BOSS Servo Motors – 4KWHSD (these are large servo motors NOT stepper motors – there is a big difference)
  • Mach 3 Control Software to run the CNC
  • BOSS Control stand, computer Assembly set up and tested on your machine (19” flat screen, computer, laser mouse & keyboard included for the machine), crating/packing of equipment, and ALL TOOLING. 
  • Four days of onsite training and shipping. 
  • Basically everything you need to get started except for the hose to hook up the machine to the dust collection.

Basically, we have taken all the worry out of purchasing a router.  We include everything – the router, the software you will need, all the tooling, 4 days onsite to train you on the machine and the software and set up the standards for the way you build. We also include all the bits.  All you have to do is have a forklift with extenders to unload the router when it arrives and pull power to it. Once that is done, we will come in and level your machine, bolt it to the floor and start cutting parts.  We will have you cutting parts the first afternoon.

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