Cabinet Design Software

Cabinet Design Software

Cabinet Solutions is a complete software package for custom cabinet design, sales presentations (3D & 2D), pricing, and manufacturing. This program is designed specifically for the custom cabinet maker, and can be rented for just $495/Year (click for more pricing info).

The top three reasons cabinet makers purchase a program such as Cabinet Solutions are:

  1. A quick and easy way to preview your project via 3D & 2D drawings.
  2. A quick and easy way to accurately estimate job costs.
  3. A quick and easy way of accurately generating manufacturing reports such as cut lists, door lists, and panel optimizations.


We address these needs by providing a program that enables you to complete your initial layouts & revisions quickly, estimates job costs based on your real material & hardware costs, and generates a number of manufacturing-related reports to help build the job after your proposal is accepted.

Whether you rent or purchase, you still get the same capabilities (see software features below) in the standard program.

CNC capability is optional.

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Main Features:

3D Renderings Details
 Cut Lists & Door Lists Details
Dimensions Floor Plans Details
Dimensioned Elevations Details
Assembly Sheets
Panel Optimization Details
Part Labels
Material Takeoffs
Job Costing Details
Supports Inch and Metric
Optional CNC Version


Face Frame Cabinets
Frameless Cabinetry
Residential Cabinets
Commercial Cabinetry
Kitchen Cabinets
Entertainment Centers
Garage Cabinets
Other types of casework

If you make custom cabinets, and need design software,
Cabinet Solutions is worth a look.
Check out the videos below to see
it in
action, then sign up for a test drive to get some hands-on time.



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